A Week in our Office

A Week in our Office- June 22, 2020

Here is a summary of what we did last week in Our Office for June 22, 2020.

New Licenses
-Testing lab
-Transportation (standalone)
-Agent transport license
-Certificate of Compliance
-Zoning issues
-$2,000 annual application fee in Pottawatomie county
-2 year residency issue
-Corporate documents
Monthly Compliance
-OMMA reports
-OTC reports
-Seed to sale software
Medical Marijuana Realtor
-Undeveloped land
-Commercial buildings
-Industrial space
Business Disputes
-Ownership obligations
-Revenue split
-Division of assets and liabilities
Sale of Business
-Proof of funds
-Escrow agent
Purchase of Business
-Due diligence
-Financial audit
-Compliance audit
-Franchise agreements
Lease Negotiation
-Permitted use
-Personal guarantee
-In person
-Grow strategies
-Processing techniques

If we can help you with these matters or anything else, call or text us:
405-357-8111 (OKC)
918-322-1118 (Tulsa)

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