OMMA Monthly Reports - Cannabis Business Professionals of Oklahoma

Each month the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) requires that a commercial cannabis business make a monthly report. In addition, the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OKTAP) requires that dispensaries and processors make their reports to them for tax purposes. With the OMMA these reports are due by the 15th of each month. Here at CBPOK we handle these reports for our clients using one of two methods. 


If our clients are still looking for seed to sale software then we report manually. This means taking stock of inventory and sales, in person, and compiling records to send off to the OMMA. If our client is using seed to sale, which we highly recommend as it is required by the OMMA, then the software itself aggregates the necessary data points for us. 


That said, seed to sale software isn’t perfect. The OMMA asks for specific information, sometimes more or less than other states. Moreover, the information that a seed to sale software program creates does not upload into the OMMA; you have to report each month with the OMMA manually through their website. 


We’ve found that many of our clients are typically unaware, inexperienced, don’t have the time, or would just rather hire professionals to do the reporting for them. Here at CBPOK we can take care of any of your OMMA Monthly Reporting needs. 


Stay compliant and stay ahead!

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